Evening courses / Special courses for your career

Our evening courses address participants who can devote at least two days weekly to learn German. Students are expected to proceed at a moderate pace having enough time in between courses so as to get in touch with the use of every day German language. The small groups create a pleasant, stressless atmosphere, while our teachers are given the chance to perform on an interactive and communicative teaching frame. Each individual course leads to the respective language examination level according to the C.E.F.R. ( Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) leading to further final exams.

  Level  10 weeks / 60 lessons     Price 


 6 lessons / week

      480 €

German for your career level C1/C2

This course is designed for advanced learners who live in Germany for quite some time and wish to refresh their knowledge. We analyse your typical mistakes and you learn how to correct and avoid these mistakes in the future.

The teaching content is specifically tailored to the learning group by our experienced teachers.

At the end of the course you will achieve to feel safe and be able to express yourself linguistically better.


Start: by requst

  Level     8 weeks / 48 lessons 





6 lessons / week

 560 €

Business English


Is your knowledge of English limited but nevertheless you need to use this language almost on daily basis because of your business demands?

Do you feel that despite that you have a sufficient standard knowledge of English both grammatically and syntactically, you do not have what it takes to lead a discussion with your foreign colleagues?

Are you really close in mastering the language , but you still need those guidelines that would get you into a real in depth knowledge when it comes to reading, interpreting and conveying complex meanings of the financial and business jargon?

If you believe that you belong in any of the above mentioned categories, feel free to visit us at Studyon in order to help you with the use of English language when it comes to business.

Study groups are formed following the students’ individual demands.

Three levels of student groups are available:

  1. Elementary business
  2. Intermediate business
  3. Upper intermediate business


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